Finding Meaning

I have now been on this incredible journey for just over a month now.  I have been have an amazing time relaxing, but not doing much of anything else.  Every meal I have eaten in the last month has been cooked by someone who works in the house and prepares meals (a few have been enjoyed at restaurants).  While in Dubai I did my own laundry, but once I arrived in India realized there is no washing machine and there is a person in the house who washes all the clothes by hand.  My day is filled with reading, time on the computer (doing nothing in particular), napping and eating.  I was doing great working out in Dubai everyday, but got to India and it has rained everyday and it seems if I take a jog on the street I might get smashed into the pothole filled roads by one of the millions of overenthusiastic drivers.  I adore Kochi and it is so enjoyable to go out everyday, but usually we go out because we have an errand to run that is done within an hour or two and then back to the house to do nothing.

Everyone can speak, but nobody can understand my English.  I plan to learn Malayalam, but have yet to find a teacher.  We are planning on getting a place of our own here in Kochi soon.  I am hoping the process will speed up a bit.  Once we get our own place I will be able to keep a little busy attending to my own home.

I am realizing the luxury of having a job.  I miss teaching.  Teaching has great meaning.  I feel fulfilled while I am teaching. I am struggling to find out what I am supposed to do here in this land that is so foreign.  What can I do here in eleven months that will fulfill me and give my life the meaning that is so lacking right now?

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