My yoga mat has arrived!  I ordered it from got it for Rs 299.00 ($6.22) with free shipping.  I ordered it Saturday and it arrived Tuesday. The seller doesn’t let you pick your color so I wasn’t sure what color I would get, but it looks like I got the blue.

I plan on following yoga podcasts.  So far I have downloaded CalYoga, Tara Stiles Living, YOGAmazing, and  Gotta love free podcasts.

Yoga mat in packageunwrapping yoga matyoga mat

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Opening Up To Kochi

It’s been a month now here in Kochi.  After my first few days here I wasn’t sure that I would make it to a month.  I struggle still to fall in love with this place, but it has become someplace that I can tolerate.  I am not really sure what happened to me this past month.  I saw a side of myself that I hope to never see again.  Each day I had a new feeling that I didn’t like.  I felt depressed, hopeless, trapped, unmotivated, rude, negative, and the list goes on.  Sure I had glimpses of happiness within all of that, but mostly my days this past month were consumed by these negative feelings.  I am not sure why these emotions overtook me, but whatever the reason I cannot let that happen again.  I vow to find the beauty here in Kochi.  Better yet, I vow to experience Kochi, to observe it, to allow myself to get immersed in it.  Beautiful or not, Kochi is what it is, and I will take part in what it has to offer.

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Discrimination & Segregation Towards Servants in India

The amount of discrimination that still exists here in India sickens me. I was appalled to find out that servants, who stay with the people they work for, sleep on the hard floor. Servants are not allowed to enter the same door as the people that they work for. They are also not allowed to eat in the same room, use the same plates, or sit on the same furniture. Their pay is less than that of any other labor jobs yet it is much more grueling. They are allowed to eat quickly (usually standing up or sitting on the floor) and then it is back to work. There is no time to rest and their work day goes way beyond eight hours. They are yelled at and belittled for making one small mistake. Some servants are beat and they lose their pay for their entire months work for making a mistake. The cruel list of abominable actions goes on and on.

There is a major problem with this in India and nobody is doing anything about it. Sure there are places to report abuse. Ha! What do you think happens when a maid reports abuse? Nothing. Nothing happens because the justice system here is so very corrupt. Unless you have a lot of money to pay the cop you are reporting to, nothing happens. The police do nothing. The government does nothing. This is a sick problem that this country has. You could get away with murder here, literally.

The people of India that have servants have developed this sense of thinking its ok to treat others this way. They have this sense of thinking they are better than the servants they have. The caste system is still here alive and strong today. Those who say the caste system isn’t here, clearly must not live in the country.

I challenge you, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, to do something about this corruption and discrimination that makes this wonderful country look so disgusting.

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Restaurant Review: The Bubble Cafe in Kochi

Bubble Cafebubble cafe

The Bubble Cafe is located on Marine Drive at The Gateway Hotel. The hotel boasts five stars and has a beautiful view of Vembanad Lake.  The Bubble Cafe serves a buffet for lunch with international cuisine including, biryani, grilled lamb, steamed veggies, wide variety of curries both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, bread basket, and fresh appam, chapathi, and other Indian breads upon request, etc.  Desserts include pyasam, strawberry ice cream, chocolate mouse, fresh fruit, etc.  There is a wide variety of drinks and fresh squeezed juice including watermelon, pineapple, grape, and sweet lime.

Be aware that sweet lime is not lime-aid.  I ordered the sweet lime and it was actually orange juice called mosumbi.  We had the waiter and manager come over so we could tell them that this wasn’t sweet lime and they insisted it was. Liji had a conversation with them in Malayalam that started to get him frustrated.  They offered to get me something else, but I didn’t want to waste the orange juice because it was pretty good, it just wasn’t what I thought I had ordered.  So I drank the juice and Liji came home and looked up sweet lime on the internet only to find that it is actually orange juice (mosumbi). So now we know for next time.

Price for 2 lunch buffets, 2 fresh juices, 1 bottle water: Rs 1254.74 = $26.04

Over all I give this lunch buffet at The Bubble Cafe 3.5/5  I give the service a 4.5/5

IMG_0801Bubble Cafe Buffetbubble cafe bubble cafe dessert

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Kochi House

This is the house we are staying in during our one year in India.

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