I Know I Am In India Because………

  • Hot showers are just a memory
  • There are millions of colors everywhere
  • I almost got killed crossing the street a few times today
  • I almost got killed riding in an auto-rickshaw a few times today
  • Gold is the main investment, not deodorant
  • I hear a horn honking every 2.4 seconds
  • No traffic laws are being followed or enforced
  • I see entire families of two, three, four, or five all riding on one motorcycle
  • The street snack guy mixes and serves the snack with his filthy, bare hands
  • I see guys peeing outside in the middle of the city
  • There are nets on all of the windows and a mosquito “bat” somewhere in the house
  • I see huge truck loads of bananas every hour
  • There are cows in the middle of the street eating garbage
  • I see women everywhere with Jasmine flowers in their hair
  • Chappals (sandals) outside every house
  • The rain sounds like a train is coming towards the house
  • I see men digging deep into their noses in public
  • It’s easy to jump in an auto-rickshaw and go anywhere you need for Rs 20 (41 cents)

And finally……

It's like the term "personal space" has never been heard of

It's like the term "personal space" has never been heard of

India is full of life!  I love this place! Well most of it anyway.

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  1. Mosquito Bat? Melis, would I survive there? You know I don’t like strangers in my personal hula-hoop.


  2. Melissa – Enforcing traffic laws – ARE there any traffic laws? And no one signals if they’re going to turn or want to pass – they just HONK!! Lots of sounds, hu?
    Hope you find something really interesting to do soon (any chance you could tutor someone?). We miss you at school! What state and city are you in?

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