Dubai Pros and Cons

Each day I find myself loving certain things and hating certain things about Dubai.  These thoughts have led me to compose this list of pros and cons.

If you are a resident of Dubai or have been here, feel free to comment and add you own pros or cons.


  • Hot water all the time (No matter how many people take a shower before you, no matter how many loads of laundry have been done, or how many dishes have been washed there is an endless supply of hot water.  You will be guaranteed a hot shower.)
  • Heavy duty air conditioning (Dubai, and I am sure the entire U.A.E., knows how to handle the heat.  Cars, homes, and business places all are fully equipped with air conditioners cold enough to make you want to put on a jacket in the middle of the desert.)
  • Malls (Dubai malls claim to be the best in the world and I must say they are pretty amazing, not only do they have stores to shop at and restaurants to eat at, but each mall has something that makes it unique and sets it apart from all of the rest.  Dubai Mall has a massive aquarium with probably over a hundred variety of underwater animals, Festival City has a carousel and a creek, Mall of the Emirates has a ski resort, and the list goes on.  Each mall has something quite amazing that draws you to it.)
  • Variety of food (I have been to nine different countries, including six in Europe, and Dubai has the best food of any place I have been.  Lebanese, Italian, Japanese, American, etc.  some of the best places are: Al Reef Bakery (cheese with zataar), Yahala (Mutton Shawarma), Paragon (Parotha), etc.)
  • Delivery (Anything you could ever think of can be delivered to your door in a moments notice.)
  • Beaches (Maybe this is on the list because I am from the landlocked state of Utah, therefore, I really appreciate being able to go to the beach.)
  • Fresh pressed juice (Almost every eating joint in Dubai offers fresh juice.   The variety of juice differs from place to place, but the ones that are on every list are watermelon, pineapple, apple, and fruit cocktail, which is a variety of juices in a glass layered.  Some lists have kiwi, carrot, strawberry and tons more.  You can actually watch them take the whole fruit and put it in a juicer so you know it is fresh.)
  • Fresh Fish Markets (Living by the sea offers a large variety of fresh fish right out of the water that day.)


  • Hot water all the time (Yes, this was on the “Pro” list as well.  Dubai is a sweltering place so it would be nice to have cold water to splash over your face when you get back from a walk. Laundering clothes in cold water is a non-existent task in Dubai.  If the washing machine is set to the coldest setting the water will still be scalding.)
  • Trash all over the ground (I am amazed at the amount of trash that litters the streets of Dubai.  I watch people just drop their garbage on the ground when they are ten feet away from a trash can.  Dubai is a great place.  I wish the people who resided here had a little more pride in it.)
  • Internet connection (The internet in Dubai is very slow.  There are a few places around Dubai that offer WiFi, but even those places do not compare to the quality and speed of the internet in the U.S.  Also, there are tons of sites that are blocked by the government.  Sites like Flicker, googlevoice, ustream, etc.  This is the most ridiculous thing!  A country full of adults being treated like children is what it feels like.)
  • Prayers blasting throughout the entire country all day multiple times a day (I get that worship and prayer is important to some people, but why make the rest of us have to hear the prayers at 4:00 in the morning.  No matter where you are you will here the prayers loud and clear.  Even if there is no mosque nearby chances are there is a speaker somewhere to broadcast the prayer.)
  • Parking space size (I don’t drive here, but I am a passenger and getting out of the car is sometimes impossible once it is parked.  The size the space itself is very small and a large majority of people here drive SUV’s so their vehicle fits perfectly in the lines of the space with no space left over.)
  • Stinky (The smell of Dubai is horrible.  Maybe this has something to do with all of the trash on the ground and the overflowing trash bins, but sometimes the smell outside is unbearable.)
  • Real Estate Prices ( Come on $1,000,000.00 for a one bedroom, 800 sq. ft. flat, really?
  • Censored Movies (Everything in movies is censored right down to the word “shit”.)
  • No Law that says Kids Have to be in Safety Seats (It makes me so mad to see kids standing up and playing in the car or being held in their parent’s arms.  This is not safe!  If there were a small fender-bender the kid would be seriously hurt.  Dubai, make it a law to have children in safety seats at all times!

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