Lingo Kid

If you have seen the video of the Lingo Kid in India you know it truly is amazing.  If you have not seen it watch!   A few years later the same guy who filmed this went back to India found the Lingo Kid and took video of him again.  This video is also a  must see!

I applaud sufiwindsurfing for making these videos and promoting understanding between cultures.  Don’t look at this and think that this boy has a sad life because he doesn’t go to school and has to sell things on the side of the road. Remember that this is a different culture and just because it may not match with what your idea of a good lifestyle is doesn’t mean it is a sad life for him.

I couldn’t be more excited to move to India in August.  I am constantly having people say things to me like, “Your not going to be able to handle it there.” or “Where are you going to live? Do they even have houses there?” or “Are you going to eat water buffalo?  You know you can’t just go get a burger don’t you?” I also get comments like “What’s it like there?” or “What are you going to do while you are there?” or “Are you excited?” or “What kind of food do they have there?” You can clearly see the difference between the two sets of questions.  I am able to tell right away if the people that are asking the questions have an open mind about different cultures or are shut off to anything that is different from what is “normal” in their eyes.

Truthfully I can’t wait to go.  I can’t wait to quit my job, sell everything, and experience something on the other side of the spectrum from my life here.  If I could give one piece of advice it would be to stop thinking that you are normal or your life is normal because what is normal to you is not normal to someone else.

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  1. You know what, I think it’s freaking awesome you’re going. Next time someone projects their fears on you, you give em a swift kick in the cheeks.

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